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The country (not the US state) seems primed to be one of the hottest tourist destinations for 2017, as travellers are fresy obsessed with the fashion, the mountain trekking, the architecture, and the good eats. Georgian Airways launched direct flhts from Gatwick to Tbilisi over the weekend; next month, Wizz Air will start a route to Kutaisi from Luton. Here are our top 10 tips for what to do in Tbilisi.

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From 1921 to 1991 Georgia was part of the Soviet Union.

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This history is evident everywhere, but most in your face while walking through the Dry Bridge Flea Market near Dedaena Park.

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Locals who lived the bulk of their lives under Soviet rule spread blankets on the ground and lay out goods they’ve saved from the scrap heap.Brides age between 40 and 50 - Rose

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